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SEO Measurement & Analytics Training - Workshop Available On Demand

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SEO is continually changing, and it can be hard to keep up.

That’s why I created this SEO Analytics Training Workshop. In just 60 minutes, you’ll learn how to measure, monitor, and maintain SEO progress.

This training is designed for you if you are:

  • An in-house marketer tasked with SEO
  • A marketing consultant, freelancer, or agency whose client expects or desires SEO progress updates.
SEO analytics training components

This SEO Training is For You If You Are:

  • Avoiding SEO because you’ve too busy to figure it out on your own
  • Confused by the data you see (been there, friends!).
  • Unsure of SEO priority areas and where to focus your attention.
  • Busy and need a refresher of SEO best practices and trends.
  • Tasked with SEO...but unsure what to focus on first.
  • Ready to communicate SEO wins and opportunities more effectively across your organization or to clients.

What Is Included In The Training?

The on-demand training video workshop includes guided walk-throughs in 3 key areas.


SEO Measurement Best Practices

  • How to move beyond typical SEO reporting and why
  • Key focus areas that need your attention, now more than ever


Google Search Console Overview

  • Critical data areas to monitor (some, you may have overlooked)
  • Search performance questions you’ll want to ask — and answer


Google Analytics Overview

  • How to effectively use Analytics to support SEO initiatives
  • My favorite Analytics tips, templates and hacks for busy marketers

Bonuses Include

PDF Copy of the Slides

Note-taking is optional because everything I cover is in this handy PDF (includes tons of screenshots for quick reference).

SEO Planner Worksheets

Keep your focus on your most critical tasks with these handy checklists and guides. Get it all down on paper.

Dashboard & Shortcuts

Get a guided walk-through for how to quickly set up saved SEO reports and shortcuts in Google Analytics.


Need more handholding? If you want to super-charge your SEO Measurement and Analytics Training, gain traction and receive an action plan right away, then choose the PREMIUM package.


(launch pricing)

  • On-Demand Video Training
  • Presentation Material
  • Companion SEO Analytics Workbook


(launch pricing)

  • On-Demand Video Training
  • Presentation Material
  • SEO Planner Workbook
  • 60- Minute Consultation
  • Custom SEO Action Plan

Meet Jenny.

I’m Jenny Munn, an SEO practitioner, speaker, coach and trainer. SEO has been my focus area — and my passion — since 2009. I’ve made it my mission to demystify SEO concepts and practices for clients and students and even myself in my own consulting business. For more than 10 years, I’ve been an independent SEO consultant who is dedicated to helping companies generate brand awareness, traffic and conversions with SEO. I’m on the faculty for the American Marketing Association and have taught SEO to thousands of marketers.

SEO Training Student Testimonials

"I've been receiving and successfully applying advice from Jenny's presentations on search engine optimization since 2012. As an SEO consultant, her investment over time to remain knowledgeable about any changes and best practices is invaluable. Thank you Jenny!"

"The visual examples and walk throughs were great. Looking forward to the video to take go over it again. I watch a lot of webinars. Jenny is a great presenter."
- Barbara

"Jenny Munn is one of Atlanta's go to authorities and experts on SEO. At New Tricks Web Design, we've personally used her services and referred many clients to her. She is professional, and an excellent trainer who takes the time to make sure her clients understand how SEO strategy can impact your business."
- Judi


Is the SEO Analytics training recorded or do I need to show up at a particular time?

You do not need to show up live at a particular time. I designed this so you can go at your own pace, and get access immediately. The course is pre-recorded and available anytime you want to access it. You can review any part of the workshop anytime you want (ideally, monthly when it’s time for your analytics reporting).

Does this apply to my industry/business/situation?

If you are using SEO to contribute to the growth of your organization, then YES. If you’re creating content regularly and want to know if it’s working, then yes.

Who is this training designed for?

This training is designed for savvy marketers and content creators who want to drive more awareness and growth through SEO.

What are the pre-requisites for taking this training?

To get the most out of this course, you’ll want to have your Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts set up (both free Google accounts).

Ready to get started? Level-Up Your SEO Skills.

This bundle is for busy marketers who want a thorough, comprehensive, NO FLUFF training of SEO Analytics and reporting fundamentals - and who want to take action immediately.

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